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Implement w1 \ w2 for objects


function w = mldivide (w1, w2)


 Implement w1 \ w2 for objects

   >> w = w1 \ w2

   if w1, w2 are objects of the same size:
       - the operation is performed element-by-element

   if one of w1 or w2 is numeric:
       - if a scalar, apply to each element of the object numeric array
       - if an array of the same size as the object numeric array, apply
        element by element

   w1, w2 can be arrays:
       - if objects have same array sizes, then add element-by-element
       - if an (n+m)-dimensional array, the inner n dimensions will be
        combined element by element with the object numeric array (where
        n is the dimensionality of the object numeric array), and the
        outer m dimensions must match the array size of the array of objects


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