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Create a 2D Horace dataset ('d2d')


function w = d2d (varargin)


 Create a 2D Horace dataset ('d2d')

   >> w = d2d (filename)       % Create object from a file

   >> w = d2d (din)            % Create from a structure with valid fields
                               % Structure array will output an array of objects

   >> w = d2d (u1,p1,u2,p2)    % u1,u2 vectors define projection axes in rlu,
                                 p1,p2 give start,step and finish for the axes
   >> w = d2d (u0,...)         % u0 is offset of origin of dataset,
   >> w = d2d (lattice,...)    % Give lattice parameters [a,b,c,alf,bet,gam]
   >> w = d2d (lattice,u0,...) % Give u0 and lattice parameters

 Input parameters in more detail:
   lattice Defines crystal lattice: [a,b,c,alpha,beta,gamma]
   u0      Vector of form [h0,k0,l0] or [h0,k0,l0,en0]
          that defines an origin point on the manifold of the dataset.
          If en0 omitted, then assumed to be zero.
   u1      Vector [h1,k1,l1] or [h1,k1,l1,en1] defining a plot axis. Must
          not mix momentum and energy components e.g. [1,1,2], [0,2,0,0] and
          [0,0,0,1] are valid; [1,0,0,1] is not.
   p1      Vector of form [plo,delta_p,phi] that defines limits and step
          in multiples of u1.
   u2,p2   For second plot axis


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