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Sqw_symmetrize(s): extend the S(|q|,w) in both energy sides


function s=Sqw_symmetrize(s)


 Sqw_symmetrize(s): extend the S(|q|,w) in both energy sides
  The resulting S(q,w) is the combination of S(q,w) and S(q,-w), which
  is thus symmetric in energy:
     S(q,w) = S(q,-w)

  The S(q,w) is a dynamic structure factor aka scattering function.

  The incoming data set should NOT contain the Bose factor, that is it
    should be 'classical'.
  To obtain a 'classical' S(q,w) from an experiment, use first:
    Sqw_deBosify(s, T)

 The positive energy values in the S(q,w) map correspond to Stokes processes, 
 i.e. material gains energy, and neutrons loose energy when scattered.

   s:  Sqw data set (classical, often labelled as S*)
        2D data set with w as 1st axis (rows, meV), q as 2nd axis (Angs-1).
   s:  S(|q|,w) symmetrised in energy

 Example: Sqw_symmetrize(s, 300)

 See also: Sqw_Bosify, deBosify, Sqw_dynamic_range, Sqw_scatt_xs
 (c) E.Farhi, ILL. License: EUPL.


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