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Matlab files in this directory:

 Sqw_BosifySqw_Bosify: apply the 'Bose' factor (detailed balance) to a classical data set.
 Sqw_McStas[this, parameters] = Sqw_McStas(this) : write Sqw file for McStas
 Sqw_SabSqw = Sqw_Sab(Sqw, M, T)
 Sqw_SqSqw_Sq: compute the structure factor
 Sqw_TAS_correctionsextract the q,w axes and compute kf, lambda_f, theta_A for corrections
 Sqw_checkSqw_check: check if a 2D iData is a S(q,w).
 Sqw_deBosifySqw_deBosify: remove Bose factor (detailed balance) from an 'experimental' data set.
 Sqw_dynamic_range[sqw_Ei,sphiw]=Sqw_dynamic_range(s,Ei): crop the S(|q|,w) to the available dynamic range
 Sqw_gDOSSqw_gDOS: compute the generalised density of states (gDOS)
 Sqw_momentsmoments=Sqw_moments(sqw, M, T, classical): compute Sqw moments (harmonic frequencies)
 Sqw_parameters[s,p,fields] = Sqw_parameters(s,type): search for parameter values in a Sqw/Sab data set
 Sqw_scatt_xsSqw_scatt_xs(s,Ei): compute the total scattering cross section for
 Sqw_symmetrizeSqw_symmetrize(s): extend the S(|q|,w) in both energy sides
 sqw_kpathsqw_kpath: evaluates a 4D S(q,w) model along specified k-path
 sqw_powderdata = sqw_powder(model, p, q, w) : evaluate a 4D S(hkl,w) model/data set into a 2D S(|q|,w) data set for e.g. powders

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