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Determine the points to keep on the basis of ranges and mask array.


function [sel,ok,mess] = mask_points (win, varargin)


 Determine the points to keep on the basis of ranges and mask array.
 Does NOT find array elements with zero error bars, NaN data values etc. This is
 a job to be performed inside the generic fit routine.

   >> sel = mask_points (win, 'keep', xkeep, 'xremove', xremove, 'mask', mask)

 or any selection (in any order) of the keyword-argument pairs e.g.
   >> sel = mask_points (win, 'mask', mask, 'xremove', xremove)

   win     Input sqw object

   xkeep   Ranges of display axes to retain for fitting. A range is specified by an array
           of numbers which define a hypercube.
           For example in case of two dimensions:
               [xlo, xhi, ylo, yhi]  
           or in the case of n-dimensions:
               [x1_lo, x1_hi, x2_lo, x2_hi,..., xn_lo, xn_hi]

              e.g. 1D: [50,70]
                   2D: [1,2,130,160]

           More than one range can be defined in rows,
               [Range_1; Range_2; Range_3;...; Range_m]
             where each of the ranges are given in the format above.

   xremove Ranges of display axes to remove from fitting.

   mask    Mask array of same number of elements as data array: 1 to keep, 0 to remove
               Note: mask will be applied to the stored data array
              according as the projection axes, not the display axes.
              Thus permuting the display axes does not alter the
              effect of masking the data. The mask array works
              consistently with the input required by the mask method.

   sel     Mask array of same shape as data. true for bins to keep, false to discard.

  Advanced use: in addition the following two arguments, if present, suppress failure or the
  display of informational messges. Instead, the messages are returned to be used as desired.

   ok      =true if worked, =false if error

   mess    messages: if ok=true then informational or warning, if ok=false then the error message


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