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Read a single spe file and a detector parameter file, and create a single sqw file.


This is a script file.


 Read a single spe file and a detector parameter file, and create a single sqw file.
 to file.

   >> write_spe_to_sqw (dummy, spe_file, par_file, sqw_file, efix, emode, alatt, angdeg,...
                                                   u, v, psi, omega, dpsi, gl, gs, grid_size_in, urange_in)

   dummy           Dummy sqw object  - used only to ensure that this service routine was called
   spe_data        Source of spe data e.g. full file name of spe file or nxspe file
   par_file        Full file name of detector parameter file (Tobyfit format)
   sqw_file        Full file name of output sqw file

   efix            Fixed energy (meV) (if elastic data ie. emode=0, the value will be ignored and set to zero internally)
   emode           Direct geometry=1, indirect geometry=2, elastic=0
   alatt           Lattice parameters (Ang^-1)
   angdeg          Lattice angles (deg)
   u               First vector (1x3) defining scattering plane (r.l.u.)
   v               Second vector (1x3) defining scattering plane (r.l.u.)
   psi             Angle of u w.r.t. ki (rad)
   omega           Angle of axis of small goniometer arc w.r.t. notional u
   dpsi            Correction to psi (rad)
   gl              Large goniometer arc angle (rad)
   gs              Small goniometer arc angle (rad)
   grid_size_in    Scalar or row vector of grid dimensions. Default is [1x1x1x1]
   urange_in       Range of data grid for output. If not given, then uses smallest hypercuboid
                   that encloses the whole data range
   det0            if present, refers to the array of unmasked detector parameters in horace data format
                   the array is written in sqw file as reference detectors
                   allowing to combine multiple sqw (or tmp) files togeter
                   as masked detectors are usually different for different
                   runs. If it is absent, appropriate data file is taken
                   from the par_file or rundata

   grid_size       Actual grid size used (size is unity along dimensions
                  where there is zero range of the data points)
   urange          Actual range of grid
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