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config = iLoad_ini User definitions of specific import formats to be used by iLoad


function config = iLoad_ini


 config = iLoad_ini User definitions of specific import formats to be used by iLoad

 Each format is specified as a structure with the following fields
   method:   function name to use, called as method(filename, options...)
   extension:a single or a cellstr of extensions associated with the method
   patterns: list of strings to search in data file. If all found, then method
             is qualified. The patterns can be regular expressions.
   name:     name of the method/format
   options:  additional options to pass to the method.
             If given as a string they are catenated with file name
             If given as a cell, they are given to the method as additional arguments
   postprocess: function called from iData/load after file import, to assign aliases, ...
             called as iData=postprocess(iData)

 formats should be sorted from the most specific to the most general.
 Formats will be tried one after the other, in the given order.
 System wide loaders are tested after user definitions.

 These formats can be obtained using [config, configfile]=iLoad('','load config').
 the iLoad_ini configuration file can be saved in the Preference directory
 using [config, configfile] = iLoad(config,'save config').
 A list of all supported formats is shown with iLoad('formats');

 See also: iLoad, save, iData/saveas
 (c) E.Farhi, ILL. License: EUPL.


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