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Matlab files in this directory:

 class2strThis function creates a string containing Matlab code describing a variable.
 iLoad[data, loader] = iLoad(file, loader, ...)
 iLoad_iniconfig = iLoad_ini User definitions of specific import formats to be used by iLoad
 ifitpathifitpath iFit library location
 read_acedata = read_ace(filename)
 read_adscdata = read_adsc(filename)
 read_analyzeLoad Analyze hdr/img dataset.
 read_anytextimport any text using 'looktxt'.
 read_brukerREAD_JEOL: read a Bruker NMR data set
 read_cbfRead CBF/imgCIF x-ray file format
 read_cdfmcdfread Wrapper to cdfread which reconstructs the CDF structure
 read_cifread_cif Wrapper to read CIF files
 read_edfmedfread Wrapper to pmedf_read which reconstructs the EDF structure
 read_endfdata = read_endf(filename)
 read_figread_fig Wrapper to directly read Matlab Figures
 read_fitsread_fits Wrapper to fitsinfo/fitsread which reconstructs the FITS structure
 read_gcoderead_gcode: get cpoordinates of points in a GCode/CNC file
 read_hbinread ILL Cyclops image
 read_hdf4read_hdf4 Wrapper to hdfinfo/hdfread which reconstructs the HDF4 structure
 read_hdf5READ_HDF5 Returns the contents of an HDF5 file as a structure
 read_idlREAD_IDL: restores variable from an IDL save file into Matlab
 read_igorLoad an Igor Wave dataset (IBW).
 read_imageread_image Wrapper to imfinfo/imread which reconstructs the image structure
 read_inxREAD_INX (read the INX files -ILL standards)
 read_jeolREAD_JEOL: read a Jeol NMR file
 read_jsonread_json Read a JSON file
 read_llb_tasREAD_LLB_TAS Reads an LLB/TAS Data set, Computation(model) or Scan file
 read_lvmLVM_IMPORT Imports data from a LabView LVM file
 read_mardata = read_mar(filename) Read a MAR CCD image
 read_mccoderead_mccode: load a McCode (McStas/McXtrace) simulation result
 read_mrcread_mrc: read a MCR/CCP4 electronic density map file
 read_ncread a NetCDF file, version 1 and 2
 read_niiread a NifTi Neuroimaging Informatics Technology Initiative volume
 read_npydata = read_npy(filename)
 read_objread_obj Wrapper to read ascii OBJ
 read_opusreads an Opus Brucker file entirely.
 read_pdbresult = PDB_Geometry(fname) read a PDB file
 read_poscarREAD_POSCAR (read a VASP POSCAR file)
 read_sdfdata = read_sdf(filename) Read a HP/Agilent/Keysight Standard Data Format (SDF)
 read_sifread_sif(filename) read a SIF x-ray CCD image
 read_speread_spe(filename) read a Roper/SPE x-ray CCD image
 read_stlmstlread Wrapper to read ascii and binary STL files
 read_tdmsread a LabView TDMS file
 read_varianREAD_VARIAN: read a Varian NMR directory
 read_xyzREAD_XYZ (read a Molecule XYZ file)
 str2structs=str2struct(string) Create a structure from string lines
 uigetfilesuigetfiles: Multiple open file dialog box

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