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data = read_endf(filename)


function endf = read_endf(filename)


 data = read_endf(filename)

   import ENDF files, either using PyNE or slower/partial Matlab reader.

 Useful tokens for neutron scattering
 MF1/MT451 as 'info':
   ZA    Standard material charge
   AWR   Standard material mass 
   AWI   Mass of the projectile in neutron units
   EMAX  Upper limit of energy range for evaluation.
   TEMP  Target temperature (Kelvin) for Doppler broadening.

 MF7/MT4 as 'thermal_inelastic':
   LAT   Flag indicating which temperature has been used to compute a and b
           LAT=0, the actual temperature has been used.
           LAT=1, the constant T0 = 0.0253 eV has been used (293 K).
   LASYM Flag indicating whether an asymmetric S(a,b) is given
           LASYM=0, S is symmetric.
           LASYM=1, S is asymmetric
   B=[sigma_free, E_elastic, A=mass/mn, E_max, ~, atom_multiplicity]
   sigma_bound = sigma_free*(A+1)^2/A^2

 MF7/MT2 as 'thermal_elastic':
   SB    Bound cross section (barns) [incoherent elastic LTHR=2]

 Format is defined at https://www.oecd-nea.org/dbdata/data/manual-endf/endf102.pdf
 (c) E.Farhi, ILL. License: EUPL.


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