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READ_IDL: restores variable from an IDL save file into Matlab


function outargs=read_idl(varargin)


 READ_IDL:  restores variable from an IDL save file into Matlab


 Input arguments (can appear in any order, and all are optional):

   - filename: complete path specification for the save file
   - 'lowercase': convert variable names from ALL CAPS to all lowercase
   - 'verbose': print out analysis of file structure
   - 'restore_verbose': print out lots of stuff while restoring variables
   - 'debug': both verbose and restore_verbose

 This version restores every variable it knows how to do, and puts them
 all into the output argument array or a struct whose field names are the
 IDL variable names, and field values are the IDL variables themselves.
 The latter (single structure) method is the default.
 To create a MATLAB variable from one of the fields in the single 
 structure, do this:
   eval([fields{n} '=outargs.' fields{n} ';']);

 Output is a struct array with fields "name" and "value", where
 "name" is the name of the variable, and "value" is a cell array
 containing the variable, whatever it may be.  Could be a scalar, numeric
 array, string, struct, array of structs, nested structs, what have you.

 restore_idl by Charles Pelizzari, 2013
   used in iLoad/read_idl, BSD

 See also: read_tdms, read_lvm, read_igor, read_fig


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