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 bsxfunsymC = BSXFUNSYM(@op,A,B) extends the bsxfun to sym class variables, for any
 eigenshuffleeigenshuffle: Consistent sorting for an eigenvalue/vector sequence
 eigorthorthogonal eigenvectors of defective eigenvalues
 fireprintFIREPRINT Colormap that increases linearly in lightness (with colors)
 fprintf0same as fprintf, expect if fid is zero, will not produce output.
 grabxyreads coordinates from raster image
 makecolormap% MAKECOLORMAP makes smoothly varying colormaps
 mdiagonalReturns the diagonal elements along two selected dimensions.
 mmatSimple matrix multiplication of multidimensional arrays.
 rdirLists the files in a directory and its sub directories.
 strjoinSTRJOIN Concatenate an array into a single string.
 strwordextract words separated by whitespace from string
 sumsymsumA = SUMSYM(A,dim) sums up matrices containing symbolic variables in

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