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read_cif Wrapper to read CIF files


function [data, this] = read_cif(file)


 read_cif Wrapper to read CIF files
   data = read_cif(file)
 the data is a simplified representation of the crystal structure, generated using cif2hkl.

 You may as well plot the CIF structure using SpinW with e.g.:
  plot(sw(data.file)); % plot the structure using SpinW

 When the argument is a chemical formula (elements separated with spaces), or 
 a COD ID, a search in the Crystallography Open Database is made.

  data = read_cif('cod: Mg O');
  data = read_cif('cod: O3 Sr Ti');
  data = read_cif('cod: 1532356');

 The formula should be given in Hill notation, e.g. C, then H, then other
 elements in alphabetical order.

  data = read_cif('gui');        show a dialogue box to enter COD ID, formula, file path

 This requires proxy settings to be set (when behind a firewall)
   ProxyHost='proxy.ill.fr'; % Proxy address if you are behind a proxy [e.g. myproxy.mycompany.com or empty]
   ProxyPort=8888;           % Proxy port if you are behind a proxy [8888 or 0 or empty]
   java.lang.System.setProperty('http.proxyHost', ProxyHost); 
   java.lang.System.setProperty('http.proxyPort', num2str(ProxyPort));

 CrysFML by Juan Rodriguez-Carvajal and Javier Gonzalez-Platas, ILL and ULL, Tenerife, Spain
   used to build a powder/Laue Rietveld model, GPL3
 Crystallography Open Database <http://www.crystallography.net/>


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