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s=str2struct(string) Create a structure from string lines


function s=str2struct(string)


 s=str2struct(string) Create a structure from string lines
   This function creates a structure from string containing <name> <value> pairs
   Structure member must be separated by ';' or end-of-lines.
   The member assignation can be specified with spaces, '=' and ':'
   Values of type string can be specified with ' and " delimiters.

 input arguments:
   string: string from which the structure should be extracted. It can
           also be a file name, which is then read.

 output variables:
   s: structure which contains the named values

 example: str=str2struct('Temperature: 200; RV=3; comment something nice; a="blah"');
 See also: mat2str, num2str, eval, sprintf, class2str

 Part of: Loaders utilities (ILL library)
 Author:  E. Farhi <farhi@ill.fr>. Nov. 26, 2018
 (c) E.Farhi, ILL. License: BSD.


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