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uigetfiles: Multiple open file dialog box


function [filename, pathname] = uigetfiles(filterspec, title, varargin)


 uigetfiles: Multiple open file dialog box
    [filename, pathname] = uigetfiles(filterspec, title, 'option',value, ...)
    displays a dialog box for the user to fill in, and returns the
    filename and path strings. Multiple choices are possible, as well as
    directory names. Both returned values are then char or cellstr.
    This function behaves exactly as uigetfile, but in multiple and dir mode

    Use strcat(pathname, filesep, filename) to obtain full file name.

    options may be: 'Location', [x y]
                or  [x y]
            and     'MultiSelect', 'on'|'off'

 See also: uigetfile, uigetdir

 Part of: Loaders utilities (ILL library)
 Author:  E. Farhi <farhi@ill.fr>. June, 2007.
 (c) E.Farhi, ILL. License: BSD.


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