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[s,...]=findobj(s,...) : look for existing iData objects


function [varargout] = findobj(s_in, varargin)


 [s,...]=findobj(s,...) : look for existing iData objects

   @iData/findobj function to look for existing iData objects

   [caller, base] = findobj(iData) returns the names of all iData objects 
     in base workspace and caller workspace into cells.
   [caller, base] = findobj(iData,'Property','Value')
   [caller, base] = findobj(s,'Property','Value') 
     Returns the iData objects (in s or workspaces)
     that match the required properties.

 input:  s: object or array (iData)  (iData)
         PropertyName: name of Property to search (char)
         PropertyValue: value of PropertyName to search (char), in pairs with PropertyName
 output: caller: objects found in caller workspace (iData array)
         base:  objects found in base/MATLAB workspace (iData array)
 ex :    findobj(iData) or findobj(iData,'Title','MyTitle')

 Version: Nov. 26, 2018
 See also iData, iData/set, iData/get, iData/findstr, iData/findfield


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