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h = plot(s, method, ...) : plot iData object


function h=plot(a, varargin)


 h = plot(s, method, ...) : plot iData object

   @iData/plot function to plot data sets
   This function plot the signal of the object as a function of the defined axes.
   The plot is an errorbar plot for 1D data y=f(x), a surface mesh for 2D z=f(x,y),
     and an isosurface for 3D c=f(x,y,z) data. Data specified as series of 
     coordinate points are plotted using a plot3-type rendering. Further
     dimensionalities are not handled.

   The scatter3 rendering option is similar to plot3, but color points are set
   according to the signal intensity. The 'plot3' option for 3D (volume) objects
   uses a semi-transparent volume rendering, whereas the default plot uses
   an iso-surface on the median signal.

   When a XtickLabel alias/property exists in the object, the Xtick labels are set.

   As mentioned in the iData axis definition (see iData/setaxis), the 'X' axis
     refers to the 2nd dimension (along columns), whereas the 'Y' axis refers to
     the first dimension (along rows).

  Type <a href="matlab:doc(iData,'Plot')">doc(iData,'Plot')</a> to access the iFit/Plot Documentation.

 input:  s: object or array (iData)
         method: optional type of plot to render

               For 1D plots y=f(x), method is a string to specify color/symbol.
                 hide_errorbars is also valid not to plot error bars.
                 To plot a set of 1D objects side by side, specify a 2D plot 
                 option such as 'surf' or 'plot3'.
               For 2D plots z=f(x,y), method is a string which may contain:
                 surf, mesh, contour, contour3, surfc, surfl, contourf
                 plot3, scatter3 (colored points), stem3, pcolor, waterfall
               For 3D plots c=f(x,y,z), method is a string which may contain:
                 plot3 (volume), scatter3 (colored points, supports 'scatter3 filled' and 'scatter3 bubble')
                 waterfall (supports 'waterfall x' 'y' and 'z'), contour (set of coutour plots)
                 surf, surf median, surf mean, surf half (isosurface)
               The slice(a) method opens the interactive sliceomatic 3D viewer.

               Global options for 2D and 3D plots: 
                 flat, interp, faceted (for shading), view2, view3
                 transparent, light, clabel, colorbar, shifted (overlayed 2D)
               Global options for all plots: 
                 axis tight, axis auto, hide_axes (compact layout)
                 painters (bitmap drawing), zbuffer (vectorial drawing)
                 opengl (faster for large data sets)
                 whole or full (do not reduce large object size for plotting)
                 figure (open a new figure window)
                 replace (replace existing plots for same objects)
                 legend (plot legend for objects)
         args: additional arguments passed to the plotting method
 output: h: graphics object handles (cell/array)
 ex:     plot(iData(rand(10)), 'surfc interp transparent'); plot(iData(1:10), 'r-');
         [x,y,z,v]=flow; c=iData(x,y,z,v); plot(c,'surf');

 Contributed code (Matlab Central): 
   fscatter3: Felix Morsdorf, Jan 2003, Remote Sensing Laboratory Zuerich
   vol3d:     Joe Conti, 2004
   sliceomatic: Eric Ludlam 2001-2008

 Version: Nov. 26, 2018
 See also iData, interp1, interpn, ndgrid, plot, iData/setaxis, iData/getaxis
          iData/xlabel, iData/ylabel, iData/zlabel, iData/clabel, iData/title
          shading, lighting, surf, iData/slice, iData/contour3, iData/contourf
          iData/contour, iData/surf, iData/slice, iData/plot3, iData/surfl,
          iData/surfc, iData/mesh


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