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f = save(s, filename, format, options) : save iData object into various data formats


function [filename,format] = save(a, varargin)


 f = save(s, filename, format, options) : save iData object into various data formats

   @iData/save function to save data sets
     This function saves the content of iData objects. The default format is 'm'.
     prints a list of supported export formats.
   save(s,'file.ext')            determine file format from the extension
   save(s,'file','format')       set file format explicitly
   save(s,'file','format clean') set file format explicitly and remove NaN and Inf.
   save(s,'file','format data')  save only the 'Data' part of the object. 
   save(s, get(s,'Source'), 'format')  save with the same base filename(s)

     To load back an object from a m-file, type its file name at the prompt.
     To load back an object from a mat-file, type 'load filename.mat' at the prompt.

  Type <a href="matlab:doc(iData,'Save')">doc(iData,'Save')</a> to access the iFit/Save Documentation.

 input:  s: object or array (iData)
         filename: name of file to save to. Extension, if missing, is appended (char)
                   If the filename already exists, the file is overwritten.
                   If given as filename='gui', a file selector pops-up
                   If the filename is empty, the object Tag is used.
         format: data format to use (char), or determined from file name extension
           'cdf'  save as CDF (not recommended)
           'hdf5' save as an HDF5 data set ('nxs','n5','h5' also work)
           'lamp' save as LAMP Processed Workspace, i.e. 'nxs lamp data' (HDF5)
           'm'    save as a flat Matlab .m file (a function which returns an iData object or structure)
           'mantid' save as Mantid Processed Workspace, i.e. 'nxs mantid data' (HDF5)
           'mat'  save as a serialized '.mat' binary file (fast 'save', DEFAULT)
           'nc'   save as NetCDF
         as well as other lossy formats
           'art'  save as ASCII art
           'avi'  save as an AVI movie
           'csv'  save as a comma separated value file
           'dae'  save as Collada model
           'dat'  save as Flat text file with comments
           'edf'  EDF ESRF format for 1D and 2D data sets
           'fig'  save as a Matlab figure
           'fits' save as FITS binary image (only for 2D objects)
           'gif','bmp','png','tiff','jpeg' save as an image (no axes, only for 2D data sets)
           'hdf4' save as an HDF4 image
           'hdr'  save as HDR/IMG Analyze MRI volume (3D/4D)
           'html' save as Hypertext Markup Language document, appended to any existing document.
           'inx'  save as an ILL Inelastic Neutron Scattering data (only 2D neutron)
           'json' save as JSON JavaScript Object Notation, ascii
           'kml'  save as KML GoogleEarth model
           'mrc'  save as MRC map file (3/4D)
           'nii'  save as NifTi Neuroimaging Informatics Technology Initiative (3/4D)
           'npy'  save as Numpy binary array
           'ps','pdf','ill','eps' save as an image (with axes)
           'off'  save as Object File Format (geometry), ascii
           'ply'  save as PLY (geometry), ascii
           'spe'  save as ISIS SPE (Mslice/Horace)
           'sqw'  save as McStas SQW Isotropic S(q,w)
           'stl'  save as STL stereolithography (geometry), binary
           'stla' save as STL stereolithography (geometry), ascii
           'svg'  save as Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format
           'vtk'  save as VTK ascii (<1e5 elements) or binary (3/4D)
           'wrl'  save as Virtual Reality VRML 2.0 file
           'x3d'  save as X3D (geometry) file, ascii
           'xhtml' save as embedded HTML/X3D file (using Flash plugin for rendering)
           'xls'  save as an Excel sheet (requires Excel to be installed)
           'xml'  save as an XML file, ascii
           'yaml' save as YAML format, ascii

           'gui' when filename extension is not specified, a format list pops-up
         options: specific format options, which are usually plot options
           default is 'view2 axis tight'

 output: f: filename(s) used to save data (char)
 ex:     b=save(a, 'file', 'm');
         b=save(a, 'file', 'svg', 'axis tight');
         b=save(a, 'file', 'hdf data');

 Version: Nov. 26, 2018
 See also iData, iData/saveas, iData/load, iData/getframe, save, saveas,


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