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Matlab files in this directory:

 ff_core_shelly = ff_core_shell(p, x, [y]) : Spherical/core shell form factor [Guinier]
 ff_spherey = ff_sphere(p, x, [y]) : Sphere form factor [Guinier]
 sf_hard_spheresy = sf_hard_spheres(p, x, [y]) : Hard Sphere structure factor [Percus-Yevick]
 sf_square_welly = sf_square_well(p, x, [y]) : structure factor of particles interacting with a square well potential [Sharma]
 sf_sticky_hard_spheresy = sf_sticky_hard_spheres(p, x, [y]) : Sticky Hard Sphere structure factor [Baxter/Menon]
 sqw_acoustoptmodel = sqw_acoustopt(p, h,k,l,w, {signal}) : acoutsic/optic dispersion(HKL) with DHO(energy)
 sqw_cubic_monoatomicmodel = sqw_cubic_monoatomic(p, h,k,l,w, {signal}) : cubic monoatomic dispersion(HKL) with DHO(energy)
 sqw_gen_hydrodynamicsmodel = sqw_gen_hydrodynamics(p, w, {signal}) : Generalized Hydrodynamics model
 sqw_linquadmodel = sqw_linquad(p, h,k,l,w, {signal}) : linear-quadratic dispersion(HKL) with DHO(energy)
 sqw_recoilmodel = sqw_recoil(p, q ,w, {signal}) : Recoil dispersion(Q) for a single harmonic oscillator
 sqw_sine3dmodel = sqw_sine3d(p, h,k,l,w, {signal}) : sine dispersion(HKL) with DHO(energy)

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