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plots spin wave spectrum


function [fHandle0, pHandle0] = sw_plotspec(spectra, varargin)


 plots spin wave spectrum

 [fHandle, pHandle] = SW_PLOTSPEC(spectra, 'option1', value1 ...)


 mode      Choose the type of plot, either a string (or number):
               'disp'  dispersion (1),
               'int'   intensity of the correlation functions (2),
               'color' convoluted spectrum (3),
               'fancy' FANCY PLOT MODE (default, 4).
 imag      Whether to plot the imaginary values of the dispersion
           and the correlation functions. For convoluted spectra, if true,
           the imaginary part is plotted. Default is false.
 aHandle   Handle of the axis object for plotting, if undefined the
           active axis will be used (gca).
 colorbar  Plot colorbar for dispersion and intensity, default is true.
 nCol      Number of colors in the colormap, default is 500.
 dashed    Whether to plot dashed vertical line between multiple linear
           scans. Defult is false.
 dE        FWHM value of convoluted Gaussian in energy to simulate finite
           energy resolution. Only works for mode=3. If zero, no
           convolution performed. Default is 0.
 fontSize  Font size on the plot, default is 14 pt.
 colormap  Colormap for plotting, default is @fireprint (good for color
           and B&W printing) for single plot and for multiple plot it will
           be a continuous scale from white to different color. This is
           the 'auto' mode. Also colormap can be given directly using
           standard colormaps, like @jet. To overplot multiple spectras
           'colormap' option will be a matrix, with dimensions [3 nConv],
           where every column defines a color for the maximum intensity.
           It is also used for plotting dispersion curves. In case a
           single color all dispersion curves have the same color (e.g.
           [255 0 0] for red), or as many colors as dispersion curves
           (dimensions are [3 nMode]), or any colormap can be given, like
           @jet. In this case every mode will have different colors, the
           color is determined from the index of the mode. Default is
 sortMode  Sorting the modes before plotting. Default is false.
 axLim     Upper limit for y axis (mode 1,2) or z axis (mode 3), default
           is 'auto'. For color plot of multiple cross section the c axis
           cannot be changed after the plot.
 legend    Whether to plot legend for multiple convoluted spectras,
           default is true.
 title     Whether to plot figure title, default is true.
 twin      Select which twins to plot for omega plots, default plots all
           twins, dimensions are [1 nTwinToPlot].
 lineStyle Line style for line plots (dispersion and intensity), default
           is {'-' 'o-' '--'}. For example '--' gives dashed lines.
 lineWidth Line width of line plots, default is 0.5 point.
 log       Plot 10based logarithmic intensity, default is false.
 plotf     Plot function for color plot. Default is @surf.
 maxPatch  Maximum number of pixels that can be plotted using the patch()
           function within sw_surf(). Using patch for color plot can be
           slow on older machines, but the figure can be exported
           afterwards as a vector graphics, using the print() function.
           Default is 1000.
 norm      If true, the convolution with a Gaussian function (in case of
           non-zero 'dE' option) keeps the energy integrated intensity. If
           false the amplitude is kept constant. Default is the input
           spectra.norm value.
 figPos    Position of the figure window on the screen. The [1,1] position
           is the upper left corner of the screen, [2,1] is shifted
           downwards by 1 figure window height, [1,2] is shifted right by
           1 figure window width relative to the [1,1] position. Default
           is [0,0] where the figure window will not be moved from the
           original position.


 fHandle   Handle of the plot figure.
 pHandle   Handle of the graphics objects on the figure.



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