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Matlab files in this directory:

 gm_planarplanar magnetic structure constraint function
 gm_spherical3dmagnetic structure constraint function with spherical parameterisation
 sw_addobjectadds a graphical object to a selected figure
 sw_addsymsaves user defined symmetry operators
 sw_animateanimates normal magnon modes
 sw_annealfigurecreates a figure for displaying the status of the annealing simulation
 sw_annealplotdisplays information about the annealing simulation
 sw_arrowdraws a 3D arrow
 sw_atomdatareturns information on elements stored in the atom.dat file
 sw_basismatdetermines allowed tensor components in a given point group symmetry
 sw_bosecoefficient for boson correlation functions for different temperatures
 sw_cartesiancreates a right handed Cartesian coordinate system
 sw_circlecreates an array of the 3D coordinates of the circle circumference
 sw_circlesurfcreates a circle surface in 3 dimensions
 sw_cmodmodulo one with tolerance
 sw_colornamegenerates RGB code from color name string
 sw_conecreates the surface of a cone in 3 dimension
 sw_convOUTDATED, use the new function sw_egrid instead.
 sw_converterconverts energy and momentum units for a given particle
 sw_cylindercreates the surface of a cylinder in 3D
 sw_drawplots additional object onto the crystal structure
 sw_drawpolydraws polyhedra around atoms on the structure plot
 sw_econtractconverts (Q,omega) values to Qm values for diffraction instrument
 sw_egridcreates energy for spectrum color plot
 sw_ellcylindercreates the surface of an elliptic cylinder
 sw_ellipsecreates an array of the 3D coordinates of the ellipse circumference
 sw_extendlatticecreates superlattice
 sw_filelistlists spinw data in the Matlab workspace or in a .mat file
 sw_freememgives the amount of free RAM in bytes
 sw_fstatcalculates termodynamical averages during an annealing simulation
 sw_fsubsimple graph vertex coloring
 sw_genatposgenerates symmetry equivalent atomic positions
 sw_gencoordcalculates all symmetry operators for a given space group
 sw_gensymreturns symmetry operators of a given space group
 sw_gensymcouplinggenerates all equivalent couplings, using space group symmetry
 sw_getfighandlereturns the handle of the active structure plot window
 sw_getobjectreturns objects handles with given 'Tag' property
 sw_idatacreates iData object
 sw_initializeinitializes sw library and cleans symmetry.dat file from user entries
 sw_instrumentincludes instrumental factors into the calculated spectrum
 sw_intsfintegrates the structure factor along given Q directions
 sw_labelreturns axis labels for spectrum plot
 sw_magdomaincalculates the spin-spin correlation function for magnetic domains
 sw_mattypedetermines the type of square input matrix
 sw_mffreturns the magnetic form factor values and the coefficients
 sw_mirrormirrors a 3D vector
 sw_modelcreates different predefined spin models
 sw_multicolorcreates RGB color data for multiple 2D overlapping plots
 sw_neutroncalculates neutron scattering intensity for spin wave spectrum
 sw_nvectdetermines the best normal vector for the set of vectors
 sw_omegasumremoves degenerate and ghost magnon modes from spectrum
 sw_orbitalreturns a polygon of selected hydrogen orbitals
 sw_parstrparses input string
 sw_plotsfplots the structure factor in the selected Q range in 1D or 2D
 sw_plotspecplots spin wave spectrum
 sw_pointsymdetermines point group symmetry of a space group at a given position
 sw_qscancreates linear scans between Q points in 3D
 sw_quadellcalculates and plots the parameters of an ellipsoid from a quadratic form
 sw_readparamparse input arguments (option, value pairs)
 sw_readspecread spin wave dispersion data from file
 sw_resreads a tabulated energy resolution from a file and fits with polynomial
 sw_rootdirgives the path to the SpinW code
 sw_rotrotates vectors around arbitrary axis in 3D
 sw_spinmotioncalculates the amplitude and phase of spin motion
 sw_statustimer function that displays also the remaining time
 sw_structfigurecreates figure for crystal structure plot
 sw_symgetgencreates the generators from a list of symmetry operators
 sw_symorderdetermine the order of the symmetry operator
 sw_t2gplots t2g electron orbital surfaces
 sw_uniquetolreturns the unique column vectors within tolerance
 sw_updateupdates the SpinW installation from the internet
 sw_versionreturns the installed version of SpinW

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