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c = event(a) : build an event list


function b = event(a, dim, signal, err, monitor)


 c = event(a) : build an event list 

   @iData/event function to transform an object into an event list.

     An nD event list object is a list of points (e.g. one per row) for
       which the points coordinates are given as the n first columns
       and subsequent columns define a Signal.

     event(a) will attempt to guess the dimensionality (up to 3D)
     event(a, dim) specifies the object dimensionality. The first dim
       columns are used for the coordinates. 'dim' is an integer.
     event(a, dim, signal) also specifies which column has to be used as
       Signal. When given as a vector, the norm of the specified columns is used.
     event(a, dim, signal, error, monitor) also specifies which column
       has to be used as Error and Monitor.

     An event list object can be converted back into a mesh-type histogram
     with the meshgrid or hist method, e.g.
       b=event(a); c=meshgrid(b);
     then a and c are close.

 input:  a:   object or array (iData)
         m,n,p...: dimensions (integers)
 output: c: object or array (iData)
 ex:     a=iData(rand(50,4)); b=event(a);

 Version: Nov. 26, 2018
 See also iData, iData/squeeze, iData/size, iData/permute, iData/resize, iData/meshgrid, iData/hist


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