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FILL fill-in over missing data


function c=fill(a, n)


 FILL fill-in over missing data
   Y = FILL(X) replaces the missing data in X by extra/interpolating
   the non-missing elements. The non finite values (NaN or Inf) in X are
   considered as missing data.

   FILL uses an iterative process that converges toward the solution.
   Y = FILL(X,N) uses N iterations. By default, N = 100. If you
   estimate that FILL did not totally converge, increase N:
   Y = FILL(X,1000);

 input:  a: object or array (iData)
         n: number of iterations (integer)
 output: c: filled object (iData)
 ex:     a=iData([ ifitpath 'Data/Monitor_GV*']); b=hist(a); c=fill(b);

 Version: Nov. 26, 2018
 See also iData, accumarray, hist, histc, iData/plot, sum, iData/interp, iData/event, iData/squeeze, iData/pack


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