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[s,...] = set(s, 'PropertyName', Propertyvalue, ...) : set iFunc properties


function this = set(this,varargin)


 [s,...] = set(s, 'PropertyName', Propertyvalue, ...) : set iFunc properties

   @iFunc/set function to set iFunc properties.
   set(s, 'PropertyName', Propertyvalue, ...}) 
     sets values into given property names for the iFunc object s.
     The PropertyName can be any iFunc object field, or a model parameter name
       or 'p' to designate the vector of parameter values.
   set(s, 'Struct.Field', ...)
     sets values from given structure fields into the iFunc object s.
   set(s, CellNames, CellValues, ...)
     sets values from given cells into the iFunc object s.
   set(s) indicates the signification of the iFunc base properties
   The input iFunc object is updated if no output argument is specified.

   A faster syntax for the 'set' method is: s.PropertyName = PropertyValue
   To set a constraint on a model parameter, use:
     s.parameter='fix'     % to lock its value during a fit process
     s.parameter='clear'   % to unlock value during a fit process
     s.parameter=[min max] % to bound value
     s.parameter=[nan nan] % to remove bound constraint
     s.parameter=''        % to remove all constraints on 'parameter'
     s.Constraint=''       % to remove all constraints

   When the Property is a model parameter name 

 ex      : set(iFunc,'Title','A nice Title')

 Version: Nov. 26, 2018
 See also iFunc, iFunc/get, iFunc/setalias, iFunc/setaxis


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