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Matlab files in this directory:

 cif2hklfile_out = cif2hkl(file_in, file_out, lambda, mode, verbose)
 gaussndy = gaussnd(p, x, y, ..., signal) : nD Gaussian
 ifitmakefuncf = ifitmakefunc(fun, descr, pars, expr, guess, constraint) : build a fit function/model
 mccodey = mccode(instr, options, parameters) : McCode (McStas/McXtrace) instrument
 ngaussy = ngauss(p, x, [y]) : multiple Gaussians
 nlorzy = nlorz(p, x, [y]) : multiple Lorentzians
 rietveldmodel=rietveld(sample, instrument, ....) Rietveld refinement of powder/single crystal
 sqw_phononsmodel=sqw_phonons(configuration, calculator, ..., options)
 sqw_spinwmodel = sqw_spinw(sw, options) : 3D dispersion(HKL) spin-wave
 sqw_spinwavesqw_spinwave: build a SpinWave model (S. Petit/LLB)
 sqw_vaksmodel = sqw_vaks(p, h,k,l,w, {signal}) : dispersion(HKL) in perovskites ABX3 with DHO(energy)

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