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b = median(s, dim) : median value of iData object


function b = median(a, dim)


 b = median(s, dim) : median value of iData object

   @iData/median function to compute the median value of objects
     median(a,dim) computes median along axis of rank dim. The axis is then removed.
       If dim=0, median is done on all axes and the total is returned as a scalar value. 
       median(a,1) operates on first dimension (columns)
     median(a,-dim) computes median on all axes except the dimension specified, i.e.
       the result is the median projection of a along dimension dim.
       All other axes are removed.

 input:  a: object or array (iData/array of)
         dim: dimension to operate on (int)
 output: s: median of elements (iData/scalar)
 ex:     c=median(a);

 Version: Nov. 26, 2018
 See also iData, iData/std, iData/combine, iData/mean


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