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[link, label,names] = getalias(s, 'AliasName') : get iData alias


function [link, label, names] = getalias(this,alias)


 [link, label,names] = getalias(s, 'AliasName') : get iData alias

   @iData/getalias function to get iData alias definition.
   [link, label]          = getalias(s, alias) returns the alias link and its label/description.
   [names, links, labels] = getalias(s)        returns all defined aliases.
   The Signal, Error and Monitor aliases are always defined.
   The value of the alias is obtained with the syntax: 's.alias'.
   To search for aliases/fields in the object you may use findfield.

 input:  s: object or array (iData)
         alias: alias name to inquire in object, or '' (char).
 output: link: alias link/definition (char/cellstr)
         label: alias description (char/cellstr)
         names: all defined alias names (cellstr)
 ex:     getalias(iData) or getalias(iData,'Signal')

 Version: Nov. 26, 2018
 See also iData, iData/set, iData/get, iData/setalias, iData/rmalias


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