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s = rmaxis(s, Axis) : delete iData axes


function this = rmaxis(this,rank)


 s = rmaxis(s, Axis) : delete iData axes

   @iData/rmaxis function to delete iData axes.
     As Axes are often required for the Signal to be used, 
     default axes will be automatically re-created when needed.
   The Axis can be specified as a rank (1-ndims) or an axis name. 
   When the Axis is empty, all axes are removed.
   The input iData object is updated if no output argument is specified.
   Axis 1 is often labelled as 'y' (rows, vertical), 2 as 'x' (columns, horizontal).

 input:  s: object or array (iData)
         AxisIndex: rank or alias name of the axis
 output: s: array (iData)
 ex:     rmaxis(iData, 1) removes the 'x' axis (rank 1)

 Version: Nov. 26, 2018
 See also iData, iData/getaxis, iData/get, iData/set, iData/setaxis


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