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b = pack(a) : compress iData storage to save memory


function b = pack(a)


 b = pack(a) : compress iData storage to save memory

   @iData/pack function to save memory when storing data sets
   This includes to compare sparse/full storage for large matrices, and
   reduce the Command history. Only the Signal, aliases and Axes are kept
   so that unused Data items are removed.
   In addition, to further 'clean' an object, use: fill(a) and squeeze(a)

 input:  s: object or array (iData)
 output: f: compressed object or array (iData)
 ex:     b=pack(a);

 Version: Aug. 22, 2017
 See also iData, iData/sparse, iData/full, iData/saveas, iData/fill, iData/squeeze


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