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c = reshape(a) : reshape the object Signal


function a = reshape(a, varargin)


 c = reshape(a) : reshape the object Signal

   @iData/reshape function to reshape the object Signal array
     reshape(a, m,n,p,...) reshapes the Signal as an m*n*p*... array
       the number of elements in the initial Signal must be m*n*p*...
     reshape(a, [m n p ...]) is the same thing.

     the resulting object has the elements of the initial one reordered so that
       the final size is that requested.

 input:  a:   object or array (iData)
         m,n,p...: dimensions (integers)
 output: c: object or array (iData)
 ex:     a=iData(peaks(60)); b=reshape(a, 75, 48);

 Version: Nov. 26, 2018
 See also iData, iData/squeeze, iData/size, iData/permute, iData/resize, iData/reducevolume


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