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[half_width, center] = std(s, dim) : standard deviation of iData


function [s, f] = std(a, dim)


 [half_width, center] = std(s, dim) : standard deviation of iData

   @iData/std function to compute the standard deviation of objects, that is
     their gaussian half width (second moment). Optionally, the distribution  
     center (first moment) can be returned as well.
   std(a, dim) computes standard deviation along axis of rank 'dim'.
     When omitted, dim is set to 1.
   std(a, -dim)
     Using a negative dimension will subtract minimum signal value to signal
       before computation of std, that is remove background. This may be
       needed to avoid an imaginary result.
   std(a, 0) computes std(Signal) and mean(Signal).

 input:  a: object or array (iData/array of)
         dim: dimension to use. Negative dim subtract background (int/array)
 output: half_width: standard deviation (scalar/array)
         center:     center of distribution (scalar/array)
 ex:     a=iData(peaks); c=std(a);

 Version: Nov. 26, 2018
 See also iData, iData/median, iData/mean


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