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s = camproj(a,dim) : projection/radial integration of iData objects elements


function s = camproj(a,dim, center)


 s = camproj(a,dim) : projection/radial integration of iData objects elements

   @iData/camproj function to compute the projection/sum of the elements of the data set
     camproj(a,dim) projects along axis of rank dim. All other axes are removed.
       If dim=0, projection is done on all axes and the total is returned as a 
         scalar value. 
       camproj(a,1) projects on first dimension (rows).
       camproj is the complementary to sum.

     camproj(a,'radial') computes the radial integration (R=sqrt(sum(axes^2)).
       the 'center' of the distribution (1st moment) is used as symmetry point 
       for the computation of the radius.
     camproj(a,'radial', center) specifies the 'center' of the integration 
       (vector of coordinates) or a single value used as center on all axes 
       (for instance 0). All axes are assumed to be distances.
     The radial distribution can then be transformed into an histogram with
     e.g. hist(camproj(a), 100);

 input:  a:     object or array (iData/array of)
         dim:   dimension rank to project to (int or 'radial')
         center:scalar or a vector which length is the object dimensionality 
 output: s: projection of elements (iData 1D/scalar)
 ex:     c=camproj(a); hist(c, 100);

 Version: Nov. 26, 2018
 See also iData, iData/rotate, iData/sum, iData/trapz, iData/cart2sph


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